Welcome to ibuyprompts your first step before buying services or creating listings is to create your account. Follow all the steps and you’ll have an account in no time!

Making an Account

  1. Click the button at top of the screen, click on “register” and create an account.
  2. You will then need to verify your account through email verification.
  3. After verifying, you will need to sign in with your registered credentials.
  4. You will then need to complete your profile if you would like to become a registered vendor where you can list various services. If you do not desire to become a vendor you go to the “marketplace” tab and begin purchasing services!

Completing your Profile/Stripe

After completing the sign-up process, your next goal is to complete your profile. This will involve filling in required information and creating a stripe account.

  1. We recommend adding a profile picture, this doesn’t have to be of your face but any image you want to represent yourself.
  2. It is required for you to input your country, this is the only requirement.
  3. it is optional to add a bio but is important for letting others know about you.

Proceed to Stripe

Your next step is to create a Stripe account. We partner with stripe to make sure you get safe, secure payouts. Simply follow through the steps on stripe and finish setting up your account.

After completing the Stripe setup, you will now have new options for your account! You will now have a dashboard of all sales and orders. There will also be other tabs that you can access once you create listings, get orders, or create requests.

Congratulations on creating your vendor profile we wish you the best. To learn how to create your first listing, click here.


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