So you just made an account and are looking to post your first service, awesome! The process is very simple but its important to go over some options you have for creating your listing.

Necessary Requirements

Before getting started you must have finished completing your profile and configuring your Stripe account. This is necessary to make sure you can get accurately paid for your work. Find more information here about how to set up your account.

Listing Options

You have A LOT of options when it comes to creating your listing. We have a lot of optional sections that you can fill out to fit your needs.

Categorize your listing. (Required)

There are currently 3 main categories:

  • Prompts
  • Consulting
  • Other Services

If choosing the prompt category, there are 6 subcategories to choose from:

  • ChatGPT
  • Nightcafe AI
  • Stable Diffusion
  • GPT
  • DALL-E
  • and Midjourney

Choosing a Listing Image (optional)

Although uploading a listing image is optional, it is HIGHLY recommended to improve the click-through rate of your listing.

If you want to add a listing image, click “Submit Images” and a window will open where you can select your desired thumbnail. Click “open” to submit the image. This can also always be added after creating your initial listing and will be applied when you save changes.

Title (Required)

Choosing a title is the most important aspect of your listing that will help people find your service and understand what you are offering. You can follow placeholder text to help start describing your service.

Price (Required)

When deciding on a price there is only one requirement, you must have a minimum price of $2. This helps us make sure we are covering the basic website costs. There is no maximum price for your listing because we believe that you should price your service depending on what you think it is worth. Of course, pricing your service accurately so it can attract buyers is another crucial aspect but in the end, it is up to you.

File and JSON (optional)

These next parts are optional and are only important if you are selling a prompt. You can skip these if they don’t apply to you.


  • When selecting a file we recommend creating a TXT document with your prompt text inside. TXT documents can be created in Windows Notepad or Mac’s TextEdit. This allows for instant delivery of your prompt to the buyer. There is also zip files allowed for file attachments if needed for larger files.


  • JSON is a data format for Javascript language and is displayed in standard text format. This is used when creating prompts for GPT on OpenAI’s “playground”. JSON helps buyers know what version of GPT the prompt is designed for and how many API resources the prompt uses. This is important because many companies need to know the exact cost of using the prompt in their systems.
  • Acquiring JSON:
    • Getting JSON code is simple, go to Playground – OpenAI API, write and fine-tune your prompt.
    • Next click “View Code”
    • Then select JSON from the drop-down.
    • Then simply copy and paste it into the JSON text field and DELETE YOUR ACTUAL PROMPT TEXT before submitting.

Tags (required)

Tags are important for helping people find your service. Tags are searched directly from the search bar on the homepage. We require a minimum of 1 tag to be added to help categorize your listing. You then have a maximum of 3 tags to add to your listing. You can also create new tags by simply typing a new one if none fits your needs. Please keep tags short and concise as they are general descriptions of your listing.

Extras (optional)

You are allowed to add extra services to your listing. This allows clients to add additional services to the original listing. Give it a title and price and you are all set.

Requirements (optional)

You can add requirements for your listing to help you provide a better service to your clients. One example of this is if you are providing a “Build a custom image prompt”. The title could be “please provide 3 details for the desired image” and the text section is placeholder text so it could be “Cartoon, Fluffy, Cat”. Placeholder text tells your clients what the desired input should look like. There are also multiple-choice options that you can set up for your requirement to reduce variability.

Description (Required)

Adding a description to your listing is an important step for explaining to your client what service you are providing. There is no set way of describing your service so you may need to get creative to attract buyers. There currently is to character limit for descriptions but this may change in the future.

Delivery time (Required)

Choosing a delivery time is important for providing expectations to your clients. This will depend on the particular service. There are three options to choose from:

  • Up to 24 hours
    • Please choose this option if you are selling a prompt/ product that will be instantly delivered via file attachment.
  • Up to 3 days
  • Up to 7 days

We may add larger timeframes depending on vendor needs.

Service Includes (Required)

This is an important detail for clients to understand what additional aspects are involved with the listing. You have the ability to choose multiple options but you must select 1. We believe that having one of these options provides a positive impact on clients continued return to vendors.

  • Commercial License: This refers to you giving the buyer permission to use the product or service towards a commercial use which means that have the right to use it for financial gain.
  • Multiple revisions: This allows clients to get multiple edits to their product/service. Select this if you are comfortable revising provided product/service. This also goes hand in hand with the “Max Revisions” field which is next.
  • Ongoing Support: We recommend at least selecting this option. This does not mean you are required to revise anything but will help clients if there are struggling to use the product/service.

These may be subject to change in the future but we may add a “none” option depending on vendor feedback.

Max Revisions (Required)

This is the last option for your listing. Setting your max revisions lets the client know how many times they can revise their service before purchasing your listing. You can simply set this to zero if you are not interested in any revisions. Please do not select multiple revisions if continue with zero revisions.

That’s all the listing options that we currently have in our listing form. If you need continued support for setting up your listing please visit the contact page.


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