Canva Ai magic studio

Unleashing the Power of Canva AI: Create Stunning Designs in Minutes

Canva, the web-based design platform, has launched Magic Studio, a new suite of AI-powered design tools that can help you create stunning designs in minutes. Magic Studio offers features like Magic Switch, which can transform any design into another format or language with one click; Magic Media, which can generate videos or images from text prompts or existing images; and Magic Grab and Magic Expand, which can edit images with AI-powered tools that can select, separate, resize, or expand any subject. Learn how to use these new AI tools and create magic with Canva.

Graph of the rising trend of AI consulting

AI Consulting as a Career in 2023

AI consulting has become a highly sought-after career option in 2023, as businesses increasingly recognize the value of artificial intelligence (AI) in driving innovation and gaining a competitive edge. In this article, we will explore the exciting opportunities and challenges in the field of AI consulting, along with the skills required to succeed. List AI […]


What is prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering is the process of designing and optimizing text prompts to improve the performance of machine learning models and AI systems. It involves creating prompts that are clear and specific enough to guide the model toward the desired output, while also being general enough to allow the model to generate diverse and meaningful responses. […]

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