With ibuyprompts.com, you can get paid by having expertise in the growing field of AI by becoming an AI freelancer. Whether it’s prompts, development, integration, or even consulting, you can make money by saving your clients time through your AI products and services.

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ibuyprompts.com has the lowest commission available in all of the AI marketplace industry and we are dedicated to providing the perfect experience catered to AI freelancers.

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Payments for completed orders are handled through Stripe. By using Stripe, there are dozens of countries globally that can receive payments in a timely, safe manner. Learn more here.

You can sell any AI prompt, product, or service. We have a growing catalog of AI categories including AI prompts, consulting, education, development & implementation, and many more depending on the needs of our freelancers.

Although there are no current, credible, certifications for many fields of AI, your skills can stem from experience using AI models or expertise in various fields of AI.

There is no limit to how much money you can make as an AI freelancer but it depends on the success of your products and services. Just stay up to date on earnings to keep track of taxes depending on your country and local laws as we are not responsible for keeping track of taxes owed.

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